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Explore our library of resources that have been curated with you in mind. The links below will take you to outside websites.

Virginia Workforce Connection

Your gateway to employment and labor market information in Virginia.

Unemployment Information and Claim Form

File an initial or weekly/continued claim for Unemployment Insurance.

My Skills, My Future

Explore new career options and expand your job search.

Virginia Education Wizard

Explore the world. Choose right. Your next step for college, career, and the workforce.

Education Partners

Our region has some of the best educational institutions in the nation where you can receive a world-class education.

Eligible Training Providers

Training providers and programs that are eligible for funding provided by the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) can be found online at the Virginia Workforce Connection.

O*NET Online

A tool for career exploration and job analysis.


Search millions of jobs online to find the next step in your career.


Can help you find the best jobs, employers, and career advice.

Local Employment Opportunities

Visit our Facebook page to find available jobs in our region.

Ticket to Work

Social Security’s Ticket to Work Program is a free and voluntary program available to people ages 18 through 64 who are blind or have a disability and who receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.


Explore our library of resources that have been curated with you in mind. The links below will take you to outside websites.

Virginia Workforce Connection

Your gateway to employment and labor market information in Virginia.

Virginia Labor Market Information

These documents feature a wealth of information including demographic, economic, and educational data. Each report is automatically updated every time they make changes to the database, so you can be assured they will always be up-to-date!

Virginia Employment Commission

Find talent, tax filing/registration, internet appeals, hire a veteran, assistance/incentives, post a job fair, Advisory Committees, and unemployment information.

O*NET Online

A tool for career exploration and job analysis.

Community Profile

This report about our region is divided into three major sections. The first contains a profile of regional demographic characteristics and trends, the second supplies similar information for the regional economy, and the third provides a profile of regional education characteristics.

Business Team Brochures

Download brochures to learn more about our featured services.

Southside Virginia Community College

Workforce development works closely with business and industry in the Southside Virginia rural area to ensure their training needs are met and that available workers have the skills they need for entry-level positions.

Longwood Small Business Development Center

Start a new business, expand your business, and succession planning.

We hope this guide will be useful in your efforts to inform employers of the many resources available through Virginia Career Works to assist with their workforce development efforts. Some highlights of the Business Solutions Resource Guide include assistance with:

  • Recruitment and Screening: Virginia Career Works offers no-cost services to employers across Virginia to help with recruiting, screening, training, and retraining workers, and helps connect employers to high priority populations such as veterans, people with disabilities, and ex-offenders.
  • Training and Hiring Incentives: Virginia Career Works can help employers access incentives and tax credits to offset the cost of recruiting and training their workforce, including federal bonding for high-risk hires, worker training incentives, and work opportunity tax credits.
  • Employment Education and Resources: Virginia Career Works can help increase employee awareness of relevant laws and policies that can lead to improved employee retention. Employers can also find access to capital and small business technical assistance.
  • Training and Education: Virginia’s workforce system offers a wide range of employee development options that can prepare the next generation of workers, hone the skills of entry-level workers, and upskill existing workers.
  • Research and Planning: Virginia Career Works’ labor market information is available at no cost and, together with business competitiveness services, can be used to uncover key insights to help businesses expand, develop recruitment strategies, and remain competitive.


South Central Virginia is a great place to live and work. The following information is provided as a service to our citizens, and to those individuals and businesses that are considering locating in the area. If you know of a community resource that should be included in this list, please contact us.

Free assistance for filing income tax returns

Get even more from your taxes, starting now.

Virginia Workforce Connection

The following information is provided as a service to our citizens

Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS)

Provides quality programs and services that empower individuals with disabilities to maximize their employment, independence and full inclusion into society.


STEPS leads, coordinates, creates and delivers quality opportunities to impact self-sufficiency and reduce poverty throughout the region. Includes workforce development, economic development, education (HEAD START), and housing (Energy Share, homelessness prevention, rapid rehousing and shelter).

Adult Basic Education and GED

Preparation – Basic education classes, GED prep classes, small group instruction and GED testing information.

Literacy Programs

Provides tutoring, small group instruction and English speakers of other language classes, family literacy and workforce development.

Southern Virginia Higher Education Center (SVHEC)

Opportunity Lives Here-Advancing southern Virginia’s economic potential through education, innovation and collaboration.


Portal that provides child support services for parents/guardians, and employers.

Departments of Social Services

Promotes the well-being of children and families statewide (TANF, SNAP, foster care and adoption, medical assistance, EITC, apply for benefits, and find your local department).

Tri-County Community Action Agency

Provides services for weatherization, Head Start, community cannery, homelessness prevention, healthy families, emergency and financial services, credit union, income tax preparation, domestic violence and sexual assault, and emergency crisis intervention (24 hour hotline).


Provides mental health, intellectual disability and substance abuse services.

Southside Community Services Board

Provides behavioral health, intellectual/development disability and substance abuse services.

Virginia Department of Veterans Services

Connects Virginia’s veterans and their families to Federal and state benefits, support, quality care and recognition they have earned.

Virginia 211

2-1-1 is an easy to remember phone number connecting people with free information on available community services.

Education Partners

Our region has some of the best educational institutions in the nation where you can receive a world-class education.

Get “Approved” for the Virginia Eligible Training Provider List

Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) Requirements

WIOA has established an Eligible Training Provider process that will help support and ensure customer choice, performance accountability and continuous improvement. States and LWDBs will identify Eligible Training Providers qualified to receive WIOA funds to train adult/dislocated workers and youth.

An Eligible Training Provider is one who has met the eligibility requirements to receive WIOA Title I Adult and Dislocated Worker funds to provide training services to eligible individuals. In order to receive WIOA funds, the training provider must meet numerous ETPL requirements and must be:

  1. Institutions of higher education that provide training that leads to post-secondary credentials
  2. Apprenticeship programs registered by the USDOL Office of Registered Apprenticeship
  3. Public or private training providers, including joint labor-management organizations, pre-apprenticeship programs and occupational/technical training providers
  4. Providers of adult education and literacy activities

All training providers will be required to meet performance outcomes and ensure accountability, quality, and labor market-relevant programs and offerings.

In order to become an “Approved” Training Provider you must submit the application below for consideration and approval in order to be added to the Eligible Training Provider List.

If you are on the Virginia Eligible Training Provider List, get your Training Program “Approved” 

Training providers will be required to submit the appropriate application below whether they are applying for the first time or seeking re-certification, along with performance outcomes. Each year they will be required to submit, at a minimum, the following:

  • Total number of participants enrolled in the program
  • Total number of participants completing the program
  • Entry into unsubsidized employment at second quarter after exit
  • Entry into unsubsidized employment at fourth quarter after exit
  • Median earnings
  • Attainment of post-secondary credentials
  • Measurable skills gains
  • Effectiveness in serving employers

All LWDBs are required to have training providers on the approved ETPL that are offering training programs aligned with their state and region in-demand occupations and sectors. They will be required to ensure training providers make all the above information available to their One-Stop Centers so eligible clients can make informed decisions on training offerings. They will be required to report performance and outcomes on training offerings, while ensuring individuals with barriers to employment are served.

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